It Is Never Too Early For Spring Cleaning In The Home

Spring cleaning (aka deep cleaning) is an essential part of any home maintenance. However, you don’t have to wait for spring to start cleaning. You can do your cleaning early and relax in the spring. Here are a few tips to help you begin your early spring cleaning . Spring Cleaning Checklist Get Rid of the Clutter Many of us take up indoor projects during the winter. That is because we stay inside our homes and want to make our time useful. Such projects tend to create a lot of clutter and can dirty up the house. The earlier you start getting rid of this clutter, the earlier your house will be ready for spring. If you want your family to live in a safe and healthy home, you need to get rid of this clutter. At McJunk, we can clean up your unwanted items and haul them away for you. Start Making a List Make a list of the things to keep and toss. After all, you don’t want to discard essential items that you use regularly. It will also help you remember and take a home inventory f

Common Junk Items You Need To Really Think Before You Buy

Too much junk can clog a home or office space and render it uncomfortable to use. When people buy new items for their homes, they often move unwanted or no longer used items to attics, basements, and garages. Many of these items are still functional – not broken, just upgraded. Eventually, when unwanted things accumulate to an uncomfortable point, they are thrown in the trash and end up in landfills. As landfills reach their capacity, finding new locations is increasingly complex, so minimizing what is placed in landfills should be scrutinized. That starts with making better buying decisions. Our modern “disposable” culture manufactures many items with built-in obsolescence. These are usually inexpensive models of products but need to be replaced more frequently. The old models end up as junk. Here are some junk removal tips that need to be considered before exchanging “hard-earned” money for these junk items. Junk Removal Tips Mattresses Mattresses are regularly junked. A ch

Junk Removal for Remodeling Projects

The idea of giving a home a new lease of life with remodeling, renovation, or makeover projects is an exciting experience for most homeowners. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. There is a not-so-desirable side to these construction projects – i.e., the unsightly heaps of debris and rubble that follow. The waste can include shingles, drywall, broken bricks/tiles, plasterboards, windows, doors, concrete slabs, flooring, and glass pieces. After the renovation is complete, the question is – how to clean up the piles of trash when the task doesn’t fall within the mandate of the local trash company? While there are several options available, junk hauling services make the most sense—and here’s why. Why Hire a Junk Hauling Service for Remodeling Projects? Reduces Safety Risks: Some debris from renovation projects may pose health risks to homeowners or contractors. This hazard may include cuts or bruises, injuries from lifting heavy items, or even respiratory problems from the dust a

Illegal Dumping – Why It Needs To Be Avoided At All Costs

In the United States, every locality is assigned legal dumping grounds to ensure safe waste disposal. However, the problem of illegal waste dumping is on the rise these days and is undoubtedly the dominant reason for environmental pollution. Here are some reasons to promote ethical junk removal and disposal. Common Illegal Dumping Here are some common forms of illegal dumping: Burning of waste Burying waste in non-designated landfills Placing improper waste in dumpsters (i.e., construction waste, appliances) Disposing waste on the roadsides, vacant lots, or in drainage Improper waste disposal is punishable by law, and hence one must be vigilant to avoid it. Every citizen should report any illegal dumping to the authorities to prevent it from becoming a persistent problem. Environmental Effects Some of the environmental effects associated with illegal dumping: Soil and Water Pollution: Illegal sites are not maintained to ensure safe disposal or waste collection. Hence,

What You Need To Know About The Effects Of Trash Burning

People cause the majority of fires in the United States. Although fires are classified as disasters, only 15% of them occur naturally. The other 85% is due to human activity, and trash burning is one of those activities. In addition to being a fire risk, backyard trash burning affects our health as well. Many local governments do a lot to assist residents in disposing of waste properly. Still, the responsibility lies with each citizen to ensure proper residential junk removal is done and discarding waste in a way that doesn’t affect the environment. Water and Air Pollution The smoke from burning unsorted trash impacts the environment and people’s health. Many materials in the trash are known to release toxic chemicals when burned. When we inhale the polluted air, it can cause many health issues such as asthma and other respiratory diseases. The residue from burning also contaminates the soil and groundwater, finding its way into human food through crops and livestock. Properly

Cleaning Up Junk After The Holidays

Holidays are fun, but the clean up afterward? Not so much. Here are some junk removal tips to help you take your home back. Most people love the holidays, though some could take or leave the season. Regardless of whether you get into the festive mood or not, you’ll probably be left with a lot of clutter. Disposable napkins and plates, candy wrappers, decorative wrapping, and disposable decorations are some of the key offenders, but you can dispose of these easily. However, unwanted gifts and outdated items can add to the clutter too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the holiday mess, you’re not alone. Follow these junk removal tips , and soon enough, your home will be feeling refreshed and clean again. The most important thing is prioritizing. If you look at cleaning your entire home all at once, it can feel overwhelming. Prioritizing and tackling it step-by-step can help minimize that feeling by giving you a single task to focus on at a time. Clean High-Traffic Areas After the

How to Cut Clutter in Your Bedroom

Over time, we accumulate possessions. At first, it may only be one or two items. But over months and years, the amount of items build up. If you’re running out of room to put things or find that it’s hard to move around in your bedroom, it may be time to declutter. Once you have your clutter under control, your space will look renewed and refreshed in no time. Though getting there can seem overwhelming, chaos is easy to manage with a residential junk removal service.  Here are a few things you can do to get started. Use Vertical Space Smaller homes, especially, tend to be short on storage. However, one thing all homes have is vertical space. Put up some shelves or organizers to make the most of it. Over-the-door organizers are an excellent way to make use of under-utilized vertical space. There are other types of organizers available as well that may suit your needs. Using shelves and organizers will help you sort through the necessary clutter in your bedroom. As the old saying go