Holiday Cleaning Tips to Prep Your Home for Guests

The holiday season is here, and maybe you’re planning to host holiday parties, dinners, or out-of-town relatives. Now is the perfect time to start decluttering and do a deep clean. It’s good to start early and avoid getting caught up when family and friends arrive for the holidays. Below are some cleaning and organization tips for you. Tips for Junk Removal in Cary NC: Holiday Cleaning Choose a Specific Area to Declutter You might have the best intentions but won’t be able to clean everything in your house before the guests arrive without a plan. Get a holiday checklist, focus on the rooms where the guests will be, and start decluttering there first. These are the priority areas, and once you’re done with them, you can move on to other rooms. Create a Cleaning Schedule To ensure everything is done on time without a last-minute rush, create a cleaning schedule and write it down. Then, make sure you accomplish each daily task on your schedule. Get the Whole Family Involved If

What to Do with Your Old Kitchen Appliances

Getting a new kitchen appliance can be a great relief if you’ve been struggling with an older version that has seen better days. But once your new model has arrived, you need to make room for it by arranging the removal of the old one. Unfortunately, unwanted electronic waste can be bulky, awkward, and hard to get rid of on your own. So, what do you do with your old kitchen appliances once they are no longer needed? Here are some options to consider if you struggle to remove unwanted kitchen appliances and electronic goods. Contact a Professional Appliance and Electronic Waste Pick-Up Service A professional junk removal company is probably the easiest and quickest way to handle the situation. This method is incredibly convenient for those who do not own a truck or vehicle that can haul the appliance. You call the service, get a quote for the removal, and arrange a date and time for the pick-up. At the scheduled time, professionals will arrive at your property and handle all the

What Household Items Can Be Recycled

Many cities and towns offer curbside recycling. Other places have central collection centers for recyclable items. Some cities even require recycling. So, if you recycle, you spend time sorting papers and plastics from your trash each week. However, there are household items that you might not even realize are recyclable. Some can go to the curb with the rest of the recyclables, but others are a bit complicated and require additional handling. Residential Junk Removal : Handling Recyclables Books Junk mail, newspapers, magazines, and printer papers can go straight into the regular paper recycling bin. However, books cannot. If you have books in good condition, donating them is best instead of recycling them. Numerous charities, schools, libraries, and used bookstores will gladly accept your assortment of books. Old Electronics While you can’t just toss out your old electronics, it doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled. Bring your old television, power cords, old laptops, and othe

Office Clean Outs: Tips for Getting Rid of Junk

Having a space where you can be productive is essential for any business, and keeping it organized should remain a priority. A cluttered workspace will distract your mind as you look around at all the things that need to be done or put away. Having a clean office not only increases productivity but can reduce stress. If you have customers coming in, they’re more likely to trust your abilities if it seems you can keep order within your company. Tackling this task may seem overwhelming, so here are a few tips for decluttering. Junk Removal Tips: Office Clean-ups Necessities – Get rid of items that don’t relate to your work or productivity. Your workspace shouldn’t be loaded with things that don’t support your work routine. This includes any distractions, personal items, or items that bring negative energy to your office. You could also take drastic measures and remove everything if you can’t decide, only adding items back in as you need them. This method helps sort out those pesky t

What to Do with Old Clothes

Do you have a bunch of clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Maybe you’ve outgrown them, they’re stained, or they just don’t fit well anymore. So, what do you do with them? You could try to sell them online, give them away to charity, or recycle them. This article will discuss the different options for dealing with your old clothes and help you decide the best option for you and the environment. Junk Removal Tips : Unwanted Clothing Sell Them Online If you have clothes in good condition and think someone else would want to wear them, you could try selling them online. There are a few different ways to do this. For example, you could list them on a site such as eBay, use a consignment shop, or for local sales, use Facebook Marketplace. Give Them Away to Charity If you don’t want to sell your clothes, you could always donate them to charity. The donation might even qualify for a charitable tax deduction. However, before you donate clothing, check that the clothes are clean, unstai

What To Do When You’re Stuck with Your Parents’ Junk

When dealing with a loved one’s estate, you are challenged with deciding what to do with their multitude of possessions. This chore involves sorting through years of accumulated items in garages, basements, and attics. Once family members have removed family heirlooms or sentimental items, getting rid of what is left can be overwhelming. Tips on Residential Junk Removal in Garner , NC Here are some of the ways you can handle getting rid of unwanted family items. Handle it Yourself. This option can be time-consuming, and if you organize an estate sale, you may not know the value of some of the items. Ultimately, you still have to get rid of items not sold. Hire an Estate Seller. These are professionals that are experts in handling these types of sales. They are usually knowledgeable about the value of items (or will have items appraised if they are unsure). In addition, they’ll organize and conduct an estate sale or auction. Of course, you’ll pay for this service with a percenta

3 Ways to Beat Garage Clutter

It’s funny that garages were designed for cars, but they are used as storage units for extraneous stuff in many cases. Most Americans admit to not even being able to fit their car in the garage. But stop for a moment and imagine a space where you could park, work, enjoy hobbies, or set up a gym. The possibilities are endless. After years of living in the same house, your garage can take on a lot of clutter. It becomes that black hole where things go and are never seen again. You tell yourself you’ll get to it, but you don’t know where to start every time you attempt to declutter. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to clean and organize an area with diverse belongings, but here are a few tips. Tips for Junk Removal in Garner , NC: Decluttering the Garage Separate The Mess The first step in organizing your clutter is to divide it up. You’ll want to create several categories: what to keep, donate, sell, and throw away. The keep pile is always the easiest, but people ha